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Data Converters

Data Converters

Performance parameters/specifications of Data Converters:
1.) Resolution:
It is basically defined in two ways.
It is the number of different analog output values that can be provided by DAC.
For an n-bit DAC,
 Resolution = 2^n \
\therefore \quad Resolution\quad =\quad 2^{ 8 }\quad =\quad 256\quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad for\quad \quad \quad n\quad =\quad 8 \
Where, VOFS is the Full scale output voltage (i.e. output when all input bits are 1)
If VOFS = 10 V and n = 8,
Resolution\quad =\quad \frac { 10 }{ 2^{ 8 }-1 } \quad =\quad \frac { 10 }{ 255 } \quad =\quad 39.2156\quad mV/LSB \