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This is an initiatory website for a simplified information about basics of electronics  for  beginners and advanced professionals..
Online tutorials designed are mainly intended to understand the basic concepts of electronics engineering.  Authors have tried to include the curriculum and syllabi of different universities. Therefore this information can be used for the preparation of examination. Further we have also included the laboratory experiments related to basics of electronics engineering. In this website we have also included the video sessions. The idea of including video sessions is that user can understand concepts clearly. User can use it as a starting point to create something more unique and innovative components (circuits) in electronics.

 In these lab experiments the demonstrations for the conduction of experiments has also been added. In addition to this the animation for flow of currents in the circuits is shown. The motivation behind the addition of this concept is that the reader can get feel of actual laboratory experiment feel. In this site we tried to conduct the brainstorming sessions for testing the understanding level of the reader. The sessions include quizzes, assignments, mock test and subjective questions.
The information in this website can be used by the students for appearing in theory examinations.

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