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    Project Title: Distribution Transformer For Analysing The Transformer Losses

    Brief Introduction:

    A 200 KVA 3 stage power supply transformer is taken and losing is calculated under linear load , using two techniques in project, losings because of load that is linear been calculated using analytical and simulation method and likewise losings as a result of harmonic load current was based on analytical strategy .Transformer is fundamental part of energy system and this can be often built and fundamentally created to just just work at rated frequency and sinusoidal that is perfect present .Now times utilization of non linear load has increased a whole lot ,so losings as a consequence of harmonic present has increased .This in change detoriates the insulation of this winding and life of transformer as a consequence of heating .In this paper . put another way computational strategy and simulation method .Also losses due to harmonic present has been determined analytically and possesses been weighed against losings of linear load. For simulation technique ,a SIMULINK model of transformer is made not only this both the strategy is compared.

    Hardware Details:

    • Transformer


    Software Details:

    • SIMULINK model
    • MATLAB

    Block Diagram:


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