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    250+ Electronics Projects for Engineering Students


    Electronics Project types

    1) ARM microcontroller Projects

    2) GSM Projects

    3) LabVIEW Projects

    4) MATLAB Projects

    5) Wireless Communication Projects

    6) Embedded Systems Projects

    7) Internet of Things Projects

    8) VLSI Projects

    9) Arduino Projects

    10) 8051 Microcontroller Projects


    Electronics Project Ideas

    1.       Localization and hole detection in wireless sensor network

    2.       Automatic agriculture robot

    3.       IOT in hospital monitoring using WSN

    4.       Internet of things applied in the hospital monitoring using WSN

    5.       Automatic call reception and rejection using android

    6.       Communicator between mute and normal person using embedded system

    7.       Hand gesture pick and place robot.

    8.       FPGA based network security using RC5 algorithm–Duplicate

    9.       Super resolution of image using projection onto convex set algorithm

    10.   Campus radio

    11.   Convolution encoder and Viterbi decoder based on FPGA

    12.   Sixth sense technology for easy human machine interaction

    13.   Multi crop seed drill

    14.   Discrete wavelet transform based on satellite image enhancement

    15.   Petrochemical quality measurement and adulteration using arm controller

    16.   Fully automatic PLC based high speed vertical reciprocating conveyor using barcode scanner
    Details: Recently the programmable logic controller (PLC) is widely used in this digital world. PLC’s are mainly used in the industrial sector. Normally, the PLCs have been used at the industrial field is usually to control a mechanical movement either of the machine or heavy machine in order to create an efficient production and accurate signal processing. In
    this project PLC is used to prepare automatic high speed vertical reciprocating convenor.
    This is fully controlled by the PLC CROUZET, which acts as the heart of the system. The system sequence of operation is designed by a ladder diagram and the programming of this project is carried out by using Millennium 3 software. Sensor usually plays its vital part as an input signal transmitter for the PLC in this system. During this project sensor has been used
    to detect the conveyor while the machine operates. The input signal that has been sent from the sensor to the PLC has been made as a reference. In order to determine the output signal that exactly a same with the PLC programming based on the user requirement. Besides that, the electronics and electric devices that usually been controlled by the PLC are like a motor, pump, sensor, conveyor, belt, buzzer and the other devices.

    17.   3 level RHS security system

    18.   Implementation of BCH code using FPGA.

    19.   FPGA implementation of fast Fourier tram it using Vedic mathematics

    20.   VHDL design and FPGA implementation of reed, Solomon encode and decoder for RS

    21.   Text to speech synthesis for any Indian language (hindi)

    22.   Garbage management system based on digital image processing

    Details: The rapid urbanization of city has led to increased generation of municipal solid waste(MSW) which will seriously affect the society and the quality of life of the citizens. Although some action has taken from the part of government against this problem, the poor management of waste has led to pollution and to the emission of greenhouse gases. The main issues with waste management are the high cost associated with no returns, lack of real time feedback from the people about unauthorized dumping and various transportation issues. To address these issues the garbage management system has been developed in this project. This effective management system with the help of RFID and GPS system can effectively manage the waste collection. This system will actively monitor the waste collection process and will
    provide real time feedback such as waste collection status, live tracking of trucks and trash bins etc. Te system can receive complaints from residents about uncollected wastes as well as the illegal disposal of wastes. One of the main feature of the system is the smart shortest path detection technique, so that vehicles need to travel only less distance to collect waste.

    23.   Protocol convertor

    24.   Automatic student monitoring system for online examination

    25.   Excavator monitoring system using smart phone

    26.   Automatic figure bone joint space width measurement and analysis

    27.   Speech processing using LI-FI technology

    28.   Speaker recognition security based voting machine

    29.    Improved security for girls safety

    30.   Currency recognition using image processing

    31. Automatic mobile recharger machine

    32.   Robotic vehicle control system using internet

    33.   Intelligent PC based temperature controller

    34.   Autonomous farming robot with plant health indicator