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    Project Title: Induction Generator for Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems

    Brief Introduction:

    The purpose of this project is always to present the modeling that is complete simulation of wind generator driven induction that is doubly-fed which feeds ac energy to your utility grid. For that, two pulse width modulated voltage source converters are linked back to straight back involving the rotor terminals and energy grid via typical link that is internet site is dc. The side that is medial is grid controls the power motion between your DC coach and also the AC part and allows these devices become operated in sub-synchronous and super synchronous mode of procedure. The rotor that is appropriate is given by the equipment part converter. The device that is complete modeled and simulated in the MATLAB Simulink environment in a real means so it can be suited to modeling of all types of induction generator designs. The model makes utilization of rotor reference frame use that is making of the is powerful for device model.

    Hardware Details:

    · doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG),

    · pulse width modulation (PWM)

    Software Details:

    • MATLAB Simulink

    Block Diagram:

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