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    Project Title: Performance Study for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Brief Introduction:

    The project that exists an method that is fundamental a performance analysis associated with the hybrid electric automobiles. This process takes into consideration a couple of parameters that influence the machine performance that is operational. The investigation will depend on Matlab modeling and Hardware in the Loop approach. The worth added is written by the accuracy regarding the model that is the simulation that is primary with the presented performance analysis techniques. An accumulation of 42 instance studies are proposed and also the efficiency for the method is tested by way of a combined group of simulation outcomes. The inspiration with this studies are published by the actual fact the sector that is automotive in a change that is consistent as well as in the very last years the trend is towards electric automobiles. The benefit of this process is the fact that systems performance could possibly be validated up to and including degree that is big an period that is early. The outcomes can subscribe to the need that is practical of hybrid and automobiles which can be electric high quality requirements, quicker and by having a better cost.

    Hardware Details:

    • Electronic Control Units
    • multiprocessor
    • Battery

    Software Details:

    • Matlab

    Block Diagram:

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