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    Project Title: Designing an Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller of a DC Motor

    Brief Introduction:

    The speed regarding the DC engine is modified to a great level so that you can provide control that is easy performance that is high. There Are a few main-stream and numeric kinds of controllers Intended for controlling the DC motor rate and executing various tasks: PID Controller, Fuzzy Logic Controller; or the combination one of them: Fuzzy-Swarm, Fuzzy-Neural Websites, Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy-Ants Colony. in this project the effective use of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for creating an optimal controller that is fuzzy is logic of DC Engine. In this situation that is complete our approach will optimize the account functions of a logic that is fuzzy using PSO plus the obtained outcomes were simulated on Simulink of Matlab.

    Hardware Details:

    · fuzzy logic controller

    Software Details:

    · Simulink of Matlab

    Block Diagram:

    For more details