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Project Title: Realtime Traffic LightControl System

Brief Introduction:

Through using VHDL language towards the traffic controller that is light design, the traffic light control circuit utilizes signal that is electronic automatic control to understand two sets of lights which are red, Green and yellowish. Those lights command automobiles and pedestrians moving properly at the crossroad, which bases regarding the information of traffic state transition. Most of control systems are designed by advanced PLC technology, that also can effortlessly imitating the traffic that has experience. In addition, FPGA cannot compare the round that is anti-dry Speed and benefit advantage that is fast. But, PLC has a drawback for traffic light design. Most PLC costs much more could be 10 times throughout the price that is FPGA, which includes not considered the expansion module. The PLC technology is mostly utilized in hefty industry and Precision Instruments manufacturing. The traffic that is FPGA control system has to consider the present traffic situation, that will be base on the information from sensors. The FPGA gets current signals of vehicles moving crossroad and base on those signals send next thing order. Also, into the specific road the traffic light should specifically be set. In addition, the FPGA need to consider the best time, meaning that Isolating the traffic situation by the proper time. The codes must certanly be packed within the FPGA development base on different models, that might increase the program flexibly.

Hardware Details:

* Programmable Logic Controller

  • FPGA kit
  • CPLD kit

Software Details:

  • VHDL
  • Xilinx

Block Diagram:

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