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    Project Title: Simulator for Autonomous Mobile Robots

    Brief Introduction:

    Matlab is really a computer software that is pc is device that is beneficial may dramatically decrease the development workload Through the time of algorithm concept and development research. Unfortuitously, nearly all of commercial robot simulators will maybe not support Matlab. A simulator is presented by this project that is algorithm that is matlab-based of 2D robot navigation that is interior. Someone exists by it that is simple for constructing robot models and interior environment models, including findings which are visual the algorithms to be tested. Experimental email address details are Presented to demonstrate the performance and feasibility from the proposed simulator.

    Hardware Details:

    • matrix computing,
    • image processing,
    • fuzzy logic,
    • neural network

    Software Details:

    · MOBOTSIM 2D simulator for windows

    • Matlab based simulator

    Block Diagram:

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