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Project Title: Smart Antenna Array Using Adaptive Beam forming

Brief Introduction:

This project presents design linked to the antenna which makes feeling predicated on direction-of-arrival estimation and adaptive beam developing. To be able to obtain the antenna pattern synthesis for a uniform linear array (ULA). Dolph Chebyshev technique for the estimation of Direction-of-arrival (DOA) MUSIC algorithm is utilized so you could recognize the methods for the supply signals event concerning the antenna array comprising the antenna system that is smart. LMS algorithm is utilized for adaptive beam developing in order to direct the beam that is foremost the necessary supply signals as well as adaptively move the nulls towards the interference that is undesired the radiation pattern. Hence increasing the channel capacity to support a quantity that is elevated of. The utilization of LMS algorithm assists in enhancing the next parameters in terms of sign to look ration, convergence price, increased channel capability, average bit mistake cost. In this paper, we will mention and evaluate according to the Dolph Chebyshev means for antenna pattern synthesis, MUSICAL algorithm for DOA estimation and least mean squares algorithm for Beam forming.

Hardware Details:

* Adaptive beam forming

  • antenna pattern synthesis

Software Details:


Block Diagram:

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