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    Project Title: Method to Extract Roads from Satellite Images

    Brief Introduction:

    Path elimination plays among the functions which can be major a number of applications regarding the betterment of current life individuals which are being. Ergo, the necessity for road elimination having a robust and strategy that is efficient additionally high. Currently, there are many methods To roadways which can be extract and straight away. Some of the methods are explained. The downside that is primary of assorted above offered methods will be the difficulty presenting the utmost parameters for the certain provided image. Path extraction explained in this project depends only within the color with this road. The benefit For the strategy may be the understood undeniable fact that road pictures from almost any satellite can be utilized provided this has an entire lot more than 0.5m quality. The following, the images considered are multispectral photos. Multispectral pictures are those pictures that consist of three or More bands which will be often spectral. Almost any roadways are eliminated based on their color. The algorithm is implemented utilizing MATLAB.

    Hardware Details:

    · database for road extraction

    • satellite images

    Software Details:

    • MATLAB

    Block Diagram:

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