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    Brief Introduction:

    Basically movie surveillance system is required for protection purpose systems which are also monitoring. But Detection of moving object is really a right component that is challenging of surveillance. Video surveillance system is used for Home safety, army applications, Banking /ATM security, Traffic monitoring etc. Now a day’s being a total result of decreasing costs of good quality movie surveillance systems, specific activity detection and monitoring happens to be increasingly in practical. Accordingly, automatic systems are designed for many detection tasks, however the task of detecting illegally parked vehicles ended up being kept mainly to your human operators of surveillance systems. The detection of Indian automobiles by their number meals is considered the most interesting and research that is challenging from previous years which are few. It's seen that the Quantity soup bowls of vehicles have been in various decoration and also have various color in a variety of countries. This work proposes a method for the detection and recognition of vehicle number dish that will help in to the detection Of quantity dishes of authorized and unauthorized vehicles.This paper presents an approach based on simple but efficient morphological procedure and Sobel advantage detection technique. This process is simplified to segmented all of the letters and figures found in the quantity dish by using industry technique that is bounding. After segmentation of numbers and figures current on number meal, template approach that is matching utilized to recognition of figures and numbers. The focus Is provided to find the quantity that is genuine area correctly to segment all of the quantity and letters to recognize each quantity independently.

    Hardware Details:

    • Number Plate Recognition
    • Support Vector Machine,
    • Automated Teller Machine

    Software Details:

    • MATLAB toolbox

    Block Diagram:

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