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Project Title: Fast Hardware Design Space Exploration

Brief Introduction:

This project defines a method that is hardware that is automatic room exploration, in the shape of a collaboration between Parallelizing compiler technology and synthesis that is high-level. A compiler is supplied by us algorithm that automatically explores the design that is big resulting from the use that is effective of program that is few commonly found in application-specific hardware designs. Our approach makes use of synthesis estimation processes to evaluate quantitatively alternative designs for a duration nest calculation. We have implemented this design area research algorithm into the Context associated with synthesis and compilation system called DEFACTO, and website link that is current this implementation on Five multimedia kernels. Our algorithm derives an implementation that closely matches the performance connected with the quickest the look area, and among implementations with comparable performance, selects the design that is smallest. We search an average of simply 0:3% linked to design space. This technology hence somewhat raises the particular level that is famous of for equipment design and explores a design area bigger than is easy for the designer that is peoples.

Hardware Details:



Software Details:

  • VHDL
  • C++ source code.

* Sobel (SOBEL) Edge Detection

  • Jacobi Iteration (JAC)

* Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter,

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