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Project Title: Tree Based Tag Collision Resolution Algorithms

Brief Introduction:

In RFID, large numbers of tags communicates with few visitors by simultaneous transmission. This situation causes collisions which is why algorithms which are a couple of been developed keeping in mind the purpose of its avoidance. This being the factor that is major of in a RFID system, it is attracted an entire lot of experts for developing algorithms which are often fast. Some of such tree that's popular algorithms includes search that is binary, back monitoring based, and, matrix based algorithms are discussed, and, here MATLAB simulation is completed. Binary search algorithm uses NRZ encoding to get the collision bits in addition to on its basis, it discovers minimal respected tag. In back track algorithm the process that is whole regarding the lease value label is backtracked to search for the value that is next that is minimal. The tags are divided in to groups to lessen the chances of collision in matrix based algorithm. Each one of these algorithms are simulated MATLAB that is usage that is making of simulation answers are contrasted and presented line graph that is using.

Hardware Details:

  • RFID
  • Reader-Tag
  • Antenna

Software Details:


Block Diagram:

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