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Project Title: Floating Point Fused Add-Subtract and multiplier Units

Brief Introduction:

Fixed-point arithmetic has been utilized for the full time that is longest in computer arithmetic calculations because of its ease of implementation whenever compared with arithmetic that is floating-point the integration that is limited of available chip design technologies in the past. The design of binary adders which are fixed-point multipliers, subtractions, and dividers is covered in numerous textbooks and conference papers. Nevertheless, advanced level technology applications desire a data space that ranges through the infinitesimally tiny to the infinitely big. Such applications need the design of floating-point hardware. An area that is floating representation can simultaneously give a range that is big of and a higher level of accuracy. A percentage of most microprocessors could be specialized in gear for drifting point this is why calculation. Floating-point arithmetic is of great interest for the execution for all of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications since it enables the designer and individual to concentrate in the algorithms and architecture without worrying about numerical problems such as for example scaling, overflow, and underflow. In the past, many DSP applications used fixed point arithmetic as a consequence of expense that is time that is high in silicon area and energy consumption) of floating-point arithmetic units. In IEEE-754, the 32-bit with base 2 structure is officially named binary 32 that is solitary precision.

Hardware Details:

  • FPGA

Software Details:

  • Xilinx 14.3 EDA tool

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