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Project Title: Fuzzy Based Mobile Robot Controller

Brief Introduction:

This task presents a designing of model for an autonomous robot that is mobile gear with navigation concept logic that is utilizing is fuzzy. The mobile robot controller (MRC) enables with navigation for the environmental surroundings that is unstructured avoid any experienced hurdles without specific intervention. The developed hardware architecture of autonomous robot that is be easily used mobile in unstructured surroundings correctly to prevent collision with hurdles by adopting the angle that is suitable. Also, the Fuzzy logic concept has proven a solution that is commendable is intelligent employed by the specific control problems, as soon as the problem is uncertain.The designed hardware architecture of MRC has been doing this paper done as a result of the idea of autonomous robot that is mobile the theories of Fuzzy algorithm. The architecture obstructs of the MRC consist of Fuzzifier, Fuzzy Rule Base, Inference system

and Defuzzifier. The design of MRC algorithm is first developed in MATLAB. After getting the self-confidence on MATLAB results, the developed type of MRC has translated into VHDL model for equipment implementation, followed by the synthesis device, Quartus II from Altera to obtain logic that is synthesized amounts. The synthesized codes have actually downloaded into Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) board to verify the correctness of this MRC algorithm in behavioral level for VLSI execution


Hardware Details:

  • Fuzzy Logic controller
  • mobile robot controller

* Altera (APEX 20K200EF484) FPGA board

Software Details:

  • VHDL
  • Quartus-II

Block Diagram:

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